DrillSafe Committee Role and Charter


A forum for learning and sharing of best HSE Practices for the Australian Drilling and Well Services Industry.




Share Safety and / or environmental incidents relevant to the industry as a whole.
Present initiatives and programs that companies and relevant bodies are running both within and outside of Australia. Promote initiatives of global interest and concern with relevant industry and national bodies, report progress of same. Identify HSE focus areas and promote appropriate coverage.


Structure of Committee


Two operator's drilling managers.
Two major service company representatives.
Two drilling contractor representatives.
Chairman, rotating every two years.
Secretariat, rotating every two years.




Collect and compile agenda material using secretariat as communication mouthpiece.
Submit agenda to secretariat for onpassing to committee for vetting before meetings.
Book meeting venue.
Arrange meals and refreshments.
Pay for venue, meals and refreshments.
Facilitate meeting.
Hand out feedback forms at start of meeting.
Timekeeping of meeting.
Introduce sponsor of guest speaker.
Minute taking.
Preparation of minutes and issue (electronic format) to secretariat for distribution (within one week of meeting).
Collect feedback forms after each meeting and hand to secretariat for collation (within one week of meeting).



Maintain database.
Prepare nametags for meeting attendees.
Prepare feedback forms for Host to issue at each meeting.
Focal point for committee contact.
Issue meeting notices (one month prior to meeting) on bidding of host.
Issue final agenda, prepared by Host and vetted by committee, (one week prior to meeting).
Issue minutes (electronic version) (within one week of meeting).
Prepare CD-Rom version of presentations to be available upon request (within one week of meeting).
Collate feedback forms and summarise for committee discussion (within one month of meeting).
Focal point for meetings rsvp's.
Communicate with Host with regards to number of attendees,for catering purposes.


Committee Members


Setting dates for meetings (one year in advance).
Organising hosts for meetings (one meeting in advance).
Organising sponsors for guest speakers (at least one meeting in advance).
Peruse recommendations from feedback forms and discuss possibilities raised on forms.
Seeking presentations from interested parties.
Input into preparation of meeting agenda to assist host.
Vetting of proposed presentations.
Opening meeting and introduction of host.
Run open forum at the end of each meeting and close the meeting if required (depending on agreement with host).
Co-ordination of committee meetings.
Co-ordination of guest speakers (to be paid for by Sponsor or Host).
Sponsor cost of guest speaker for meeting.
Liaise with Committee with regards to organising and suggesting guest speaker.
Introduce guest speaker at meeting.