DrillSafe and DrillWell Forum Presentations - December 2006




DrillSafe Presentations:

Company Presenter: Topic:
Atwood Eagle Jim Nowotny Crushed Finger.
BOM Ron Hille Cyclone Season.
EDN Peter Hobart Practical Approach to Safety Leadership.
NOPSA   Statistics.
Precision Drilling   PDI Rig 724 Near Hit & Equipment Damage.
Primepysch Alistair Box Philosophy Implementation Strategy.
Santos Tom Gouldie Heat Stress.
Santos M Macfarlane Opening Address - HSE Challenges.
Schlumberger Odd Oeen Vehicle Accident Moomba.
Toll Energy   HSE Journey.
Woodside Brian Heslin HUET Update.


DrillWell Presentations:

Company Presenter: Topic:
  Derek Morrow Rig Availability.